AI integrated X-ray scanner
In airports and building entrances, check the contents of your bags to prevent certain items from being brought in.
It is a device that can inspect quickly and accurately without having to take it out one by one.
It is equipped with artificial intelligence that can automatically identify certain items.
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Physical dimensions

Dimensions 870X1250X1570(mm)
Tunnel dimensions 660X400(mm)
Weight 400kg
Conveyor height 800(mm)

X-ray tube

  • -Energy : 16kV, 1.2mA(192W)
  • -Beam Filter : .016" thick 6061 Aluminum, ± .0045".
  • -Focal : 0.8mm


  • -0.8mm pitch, 128ch, Dual energy with 145 mg/cm2 GOS screen, 0.6mm Cu filter and 3mm Csl
  • -128*9EA = 1152 pixel