AI Dangerous Goods Inspection System
An artificial intelligence X-ray security solution that quickly and accurately identifies X-ray images and reads dangerous and hidden items.
High accuracy based on excellent quality data and an algorithm of reading know-how are incorporated.
AIXAC can be used anytime, anywhere simply by connecting to existing X-Ray equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • 01

    Specific cargo recognition (component analysis, non-standard illegal goods) identification using dual energy

  • 02

    Identification of false and undeclared items by comparing declared cargo information with read images

  • 03

    Increase work efficiency by minimizing unnecessary inspections

  • 04

    Improvement of detection rate through accurate identification and reading of high-risk items

General security X-Ray images are created with 8-bit 256 Levels, but using XI-Converter,
16-bit 65, 536 Levels lossless original images can be acquired.
You can create higher quality data by using XI-Converter.